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How to Declare

Important Announcement: The MCS program stopped accepting new majors and minors on September 1, 2022. All students currently enrolled in the MCS major or minor will be able to complete these degree programs. Starting on September 1, 2022, students interested in Mathematical & Computational Science should explore the opportunities in the new Data Science program. The Data Science B.S. has requirements very similar to those of MCS. 

How to Declare the Data Science Major

If you've already declared MCS, make sure to keep us updated!

  • Keep your MCS planning sheet updated throughout your time at Stanford. After each quarter, enter your grades into this sheet. If one of your class selections changes, please make that change on this sheet too.
  • Feel free to meet with the student services team or your MCS faculty advisor at any point to check in or ask questions. 
Declaring Honors

For MCS Honors requirements please check out the honors section.

Students who declared MCS prior to September 1, 2022 and choose to pursue the MCS Honors Program can declare Honors when they are ready by following these steps:

  1. Submit a MCS program Honors Proposal form to their faculty advisor by the final study list deadline at least two quarters prior to the quarter the student expects to graduate.
  2. Once the form is signed, declare honors in Axess and submit to the mcs-inquiries [at] (MCS student services officer) 
  3. The final report is due by the last day of classes of the quarter the student expects to graduate (minimum 1 page).
  4. Once coursework and final report are completed, have the student’s faculty advisor sign the second page of the MCS program Honors Proposal form.
  5. Students should verify that honors appear on their unofficial transcript.

For more information, please visit the University Registrar's website on Undergraduate Honors programs.