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MCS major planning worksheet - must be approved two quarters before degree conferral is expected.

Students must meet with their advisor regularly to discuss course requirements for completion of the degree. Upon degree completion, please submit this form to the MCS Student Services Officer.



MCS Elective Approval Form - for electives not listed on the program-approved list of electives.

All forms should be emailed to your advisor and student services administrator

MCS program elective approval form


MCS Honors Proposal form

MCS honors proposal form



Request a course substitution of a required course for the MCS degree.

Students are allowed only one course substitution towards the major.

Submit this approval form to the Student Services Office, Sequoia Hall, room 124.

MCS Course Substitution Petition


Request approval for transfer credit towards the MCS major requirements.

You must already be a declared MCS major and the transfer course in question must already be on your Stanford transcript.

Transfer Course Equivalency Petition


MCS Minor planning worksheet

Students declaring MCS minor should complete this form and bring it to MCS student services office in order for your declaration to be approved.

 MCS Minor Form


University Consent Form

Consent to use your name and photo that may appear in publications, on websites, and on displays in public areas for official use by the Mathematical and Computational Science Program.

Upon declaring MCS as your major, please submit this form via email to:

MCS majors only

MCS Consent form


Note: We do not currently use student photos on our website.


(MCS Minors are not required to submit a photo or consent form.)



Visa extensions

MCS majors who require a visa extension to complete degree requirements must speak with their advisor about courses they need to finish and discuss reasonable deadline (expected degree conferral date).

Students seeking information on visa extensions should get in touch with the Bechtel International Center

Please get in touch when you are ready to submit your request in Axess. 

The MCS major does not provide evidence of financial support.

The MCS major will not extend a student visa based on intention to engage in employment, including internships.