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Peer Advisors

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Neel is a senior who decided on MCS quite early on in his academic career. Coming from a non-technical background, he has especially appreciated not only its required breadth but its allowed flexibility in choosing topics of interest to explore further. As a peer advisor with quite varied interests, Neel is excited to provide all sorts of guidance in building and optimizing ones academic and broader career path.


Sasha is a senior majoring in MCS with a minor in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.  She has loved her experience in the MCS program because its interdisciplinary nature has allowed her to gain experience in a variety of fields.  The MCS program has given her the flexibility to adapt her coursework to her changing academic interests, and to achieve a well-rounded Stanford experience, which includes studying abroad in Cape Town and section leading for CS106A and CS106B.


Angela is a senior in MCS on the engineering track. She landed on MCS sophomore year after returning to her love of math and interest in computer science. Angela has enjoyed the major because its flexibility has allowed her to take courses she is genuinely interested in and even facilitated her studying abroad in Australia. She is excited to be a resource to all students interested in MCS, especially for minorities and women. 


Rebecca earned her MCS - B.S. last year and is finishing her M.S. coterm in ICME this year. She loves the interdisciplinary nature that the MCS major provided, which encouraged her to explore different disciplines and developed a passionate for new subjects. Through her coursework and other academic experiences, she became interested in the intersection of applied math and computational science with life/environmental sciences. Currently, Rebecca is involved in research in the Environmental Decision-Making and Neuroscience Lab.

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