Congratulations Graduates of 2020!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020 4:26 PM

To all of our graduates from the Mathematical & Computational Science program, a message from the program director:

Congratulations for achieving this special milestone! I believe it will be the first of many, but made perhaps especially notable given these extraordinary times and unusual online semester.

I like to think of the MCS program as a liberal arts education with a quantitative bent. You and your classmates are well prepared for a wide variety of careers and endeavors, and also have a solid foundation for graduate study in a range of quantitatively oriented fields. Indeed, I have met a recent MCS graduate who will go to law school, while others go to Google and to a range of careers in between.

When I ask former graduates what, in retrospect, they consider to be the most valuable part of the MCS program, they typically mention the foundational courses in math, statistics, computing and optimization. They point out that these foundations have been key to developing their career. To me this confirms the premise of MCS. For you, it is a sign of the opportunities that await you.

With the best wishes for your future,

Guenther Walther Co-Director

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