Stanford University

MCS Peer Advisors 2021-22

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Beri Behar


Beri is a senior student from Istanbul, Turkey. He is majoring in MCS and minoring in history. Beri also started a coterm in data science (ICME) this quarter. At Stanford, He's participated in several research projects involving data science and renewable energy. Over the last two summers, he worked at SHYFT Power Solutions as a data science intern and at Uber as a software engineer intern. On campus, He has been involved with the Jewish Student Association and the Energy Club.

Elianna Knight


Elianna Knight majored in Mathematical and Computational Science. Her interests surround researching the genetic basis to disease. Currently, along with continuing her research within the Department of Biomedical Data Science, she pursues her Master’s degree in statistics and will graduate at the end of the year.

Michael Sun
Michael Sun

Michael is a current senior and coterminal CS student, concentrating in AI. His past experiences in research and industry span many fields in machine learning. Students can read all about it on or ask him in person. He's currently pursuing honors in the major with a minor in SymSys. He likes playing chess, watching anime, and scrolling TikTok.

Kaitlyn Tang

Kaitlyn is a junior studying MCS and minoring in American Studies, as well as coterming in Management Science and Engineering. She has experience with computational social science research on campus involving smartphone usage, and has had worked with a social entrepreneurship, in an R&D department, and for a technology department at a bank. For fun, Kaitlyn enjoys going on hikes, watching sunsets, and doing jigsaw puzzles.