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Important Announcement: The MCS program stopped accepting new majors and minors on September 1, 2022. All students currently enrolled in the MCS major or minor will be able to complete these degree programs. Starting on September 1, 2022, students interested in Mathematical & Computational Science should explore the opportunities in the new Data Science program. The Data Science B.S. has requirements very similar to those of MCS.

Annual MCS Student-Faculty Lunches

Student having lunch

Each year we offer a unique opportunity for MCS majors to have lunch with one of the MCS Steering Committee members in an informal setting that allows our undergrads to get to know faculty outside of the classroom. Although the MCS program is predominately sponsored by the Department of Statistics, it is very important to us that our majors are able to connect personally with the MCS faculty from all departments that greatly help shape our remarkable major.

In addition, these lunches provide our students with the chance to build rapport and interact with their fellow MCS majors, an important element of undergrad life that can sometimes be overlooked within interdepartmental majors. We understand how important the dynamic between peers can be and are glad to create an environment which supports and encourages social and academic communication and collaboration.

Lunches typically take place at the Faculty Club.


MCS majors-only event.

Students are only allowed to have lunch once. Lunches are typically organized with 3-4 students per faculty.

The date and time is scheduled by the faculty.