MCS Program's Name Change to Data Science

Dear Students,

We have some big news to share!

MCS will be going through an exciting transition, and the program’s name will change to Data Science starting on September 1, 2022. Within the new Data Science program, there will be two routes: a B.S. and B.A. The B.S. option will be very similar to MCS, but with three important classes added (more information linked below). The B.A. option will be called Data Science & Social Systems, and it will allow students to work at the intersection of computation, statistics, and the social sciences to improve our communities. 

For most students interested in this field, the name change and accompanying opportunities will provide an even stronger preparation and be more aligned with common language used in the field. However, students who have a strong preference for declaring Mathematical and Computational Science (before the name changes to Data Science) will need to do so by August 30, 2022. Because of the unique circumstances, some students are currently able to declare MCS even if they have not yet taken all the classes usually required before declaring (two of Math 51, 52, 53 + Stats 116). If you would like to declare MCS, please see the instructions on our website and reach out to our aekuhn [at] (SSO )right away. 

Any students who have already declared MCS by August 30, 2022 will be able to continue in the MCS program with the current requirements through their graduation at Stanford. Their degree will say Mathematical and Computational Science, just as they intended. 

We know you probably have some questions about this! Here are some documents that might help:

In the coming years, we plan to have program events for students that include both MCS students and Data Science students. It will be awesome to see the community grow!

Please feel free to reach out to our aekuhn [at] (SSO )with any other questions. 


With Gratitude,

The MCS / Data Science Team