Stanford University

MCS Peer Advisors

Marissa is a senior majoring in MCS. Marissa chose to major in MCS because she believes the major provides valuable skills that can be applied in virtually any area. Marissa is interested in the intersection of technology and policy, and her MCS coursework has prepared her for various research projects and experiences at this intersection. She has led multiple projects on the use of algorithms in the criminal justice system and is currently designing a service-learning trip focused on the government technology landscape in California. While at Stanford, Marissa also studied in Washington, D.C., completed a summer Haas Fellowship at a community organization, participates on the Women’s Club Lacrosse team, and is a student staff member in an upper class residence this year. 

Marissa is excited to help build and share the MCS community. She is eager to talk about the major itself, partaking in service, technical and non-technical research and internships, studying away from Stanford while doing MCS, and more.

Joe is a senior who is majoring in MCS and Art History. He has enjoyed how MCS has helped him build a foundation in math, statistics, CS, and MS&E while simultaneously giving him the opportunity to dive deeper into statistics, one of his favorite areas in the major, through honors course work. Having never taken a statistics class before coming to college, Joe got hooked on stats in Econ 102A and decided he needed to explore more of it. He soon found himself getting involved in education statistics research through the med school, one of the most fulfilling experiences in his time at Stanford. As a peer advisor, Joe is excited to talk about research opportunities, the MCS honors program, great MCS courses and electives, jumping into MCS with little technical background, professional experiences, finding academic fulfillment at Stanford, and much more.

His experiences outside of Stanford include working in management consulting, investment banking, data science, startup consulting, and medical research. Outside of school and internships, Joe is passionate about surfing, hiking, traveling, cooking, and gelato-making.

Kimberly is a senior majoring in MCS and minoring in Digital Humanities. She decided on MCS in her sophomore year, where she loves its interdisciplinary nature. The program’s breadth and flexibility has enabled her to explore various fields and cultivate her interests, where she is pursuing Honors in Computer Graphics and Visualization. Her Stanford experience also includes founding a new student organization, developing female mentorship programs, doing Computer Science research, and studying abroad in Florence. As a peer advisor, Kimberly is enthusiastic to help students in connecting with compelling opportunities and building a fulfilling academic/career path.

Outside of Stanford, Kimberly has interned at Facebook, Microsoft, Intel, and Emilio Pucci in technical, product, and research-related roles. As such, she is excited to share her diverse experiences and insights. In her free time, Kimberly enjoys watercolor painting, sustainable fashion, and baking desserts for family and friends. She is also coterming in Computer Science with specializations in AI and HCI.