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Important Announcement: The MCS program stopped accepting new majors and minors on September 1, 2022. All students currently enrolled in the MCS major or minor will be able to complete these degree programs. Starting on September 1, 2022, students interested in Mathematical & Computational Science should explore the opportunities in the new Data Science program. The Data Science B.S. has requirements very similar to those of MCS.

MCS Peer Advisors: 2022-2023

Our peer advisors are juniors and seniors who are happy to meet with any students who have declared MCS / Data Science or are interested in the major. The peer advisors can answer questions from a student’s perspective, discuss the MCS / Data Science planning sheet, help with class selection and sequencing, and talk more about their experiences. 

Peer Advisors are available to work with students during the autumn, winter, and spring quarters, typically from the second week until the week before final exams.  On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, they offer in-person office hours in Sequoia Hall, room 227 (also known as "the Nook"). On Wednesdays, they offer virtual office hours through this Zoom link. Either way, no appointment necessary - just drop in!

Click Here for the Spring 2023 Peer Advisors' Office Hours Schedule 




Angela Liu (she/her)

Hi! I’m a senior from San Diego, CA, and I’m interested in using data science and machine learning to tackle problems, especially those in the fields of healthcare, environmental sustainability, and education. Feel free to come chat about deciding whether MCS/Data Science is the major for you, taking classes outside of your major, and summer internships related to data science. I am also a student ambassador for the Bing Overseas Studies Program for Oxford, so I’d be happy to answer any questions about studying abroad as an MCS/Data Science major! Outside of school, I love baking and learning to cook, being outdoors, watching the sunset, and drawing and painting!

Ben Hu (he/him)

Hi Everyone! My name is Ben and I am a senior from Stamford, Connecticut. I'm on the biology track within the MCS program, and I am interested in the application of MCS/data science in medical research. I am also a pre-med student and am involved in research and healthcare-related clubs on campus. Feel free to come in and chat with me about whether Data Science would be a good fit for you, taking pre-med courses alongside your major, finding research opportunities, or anything else you're curious about. Outside of academics, I enjoy swimming, cooking, and exploring different places around the Bay Area!

Claire Morton (she/her)

Hi, I’m Claire, a junior from Blacksburg, VA! I’m majoring in MCS and minoring in Environmental Justice (EJ), and I’m very interested in how statistics and Community-Based Research can be used to support advocacy around EJ issues. I’ve enjoyed doing research on climate resilience, groundwater, housing justice, oil/gas, and soil quality both on and off campus. Feel free to come and chat with me about different ways to get involved in research (including finding mentors/funding), minoring, and connecting MCS/Data Science to social issues. Outside of academics, I run Stanford’s juggling club, so you can also come talk to me if you want to learn how to juggle!

Emir Kirdan (he/him)

Hello! My name is Emir and I am a junior from Istanbul, Turkey. I am studying Mathematical and Computational Science and Economics. I am interested in integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches to tackle challenges in healthcare, transportation, and sustainable financial technology. I spent this past summer working as a data science intern for Oscar Health, contributing to their mission of strengthening equitable access to high-quality and affordable healthcare. Please feel free to hit me up if you want to talk about elective recommendations, academic planning, and the process of finding internships and applying for work authorization as an international student. Outside of Stanford, I like playing squash, developing new strategies to win at backgammon, chatting with friends at Coupa under the blazing sun, and diving into anthropology and Mediterranean archeology books.

Jevan Yu (he/him)

Hello! My name is Jevan and I’m a senior majoring in MCS and history. Within MCS, I’m generally interested in statistical applications to remote sensing, earth and atmospheric sciences, and economics. I’m here to talk with you about anything related to the major: class recommendations, the honors program, research opportunities, and more. If you don’t find any of those topics interesting, come chat about mountain biking or music!

Prithvi Krishnarao (he/him)

Hello! I'm Prithvi Krishnarao, a senior from Houston, Texas. I'm majoring in MCS, minoring in MS&E, and am interested in using data science to address issues such as climate change and social inequality. This coming year, I will be working for Stanford RD&E as a data science intern for their sustainability team. Professionally, I'm interested in startups, climate tech, and finance, and I'm happy to chat about any of these topics. Please come talk with me if you're looking for advice on when to take certain classes, how to declare, or if you just want to learn more about MCS/Data Science! Outside of class, I love to play pickup basketball, surf, and embark on any nature-related adventures.

Zhi Xin Li

Hello! I’m Zhi Xin and I am a senior. I am an international student at Stanford who was born and raised in Hong Kong. Within MCS, I am interested in using the skills from the degree to improve how I leverage data to explain concepts and arguments more convincingly, which has been especially helpful when I was working in a think tank last summer. Besides MCS classes, I have also taken a significant amount of classes in Economics, and am looking to pursue a coterm degree as well. Feel free to come in and chat to me about course selection, the MCS/ Data Science major, being an international student, doing research, or anything at all. Outside of academics, I enjoy traveling, exploring new restaurants/ museums, watching Broadway shows, kayaking, and playing ball games with my friends.