Stanford University

Important Announcement: The MCS program stopped accepting new majors and minors on September 1, 2022. All students currently enrolled in the MCS major or minor will be able to complete these degree programs. Starting on September 1, 2022, students interested in Mathematical & Computational Science should explore the opportunities in the new Data Science program. The Data Science B.S. has requirements very similar to those of MCS.

Student Services

Amanda Kuhn (she/her)

Amanda is the Student Services Officer (SSO) for the MCS program and the new Data Science program. She recently moved to the Bay Area from Michigan. Before coming to Stanford, she was a high school English and math teacher for over ten years, and for much of that time, she also served as an advisor to middle college students. She is excited to now have the opportunity to support students in this new role outside of the classroom. You’ll meet with Amanda when you’re ready to declare your major. She loves chatting with students, so please also feel free to reach out to her when you have a question, need a thought partner in navigating a challenge, or simply want to say hi or tell her how your quarter is going. In her free time, Amanda enjoys reading, creative writing, improv, hiking, and volunteering at a local animal shelter.