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Mathematical & Computational Science: The Data Science Major

MCS will accept letter grade or credit for all major/minor courses for 2020-21 academic year.


Mathematical and Computational Science (MCS) has been since the 1970's Stanford's home for students interested in deploying analytical and quantitative thinking to tackle problems in science, industry, and society. Increasing data size and availability, enhanced computational power, and  progress in algorithms and software make this an ever exciting area. 
Thanks to the common courses and faculty across four departments,  MCS students acquire a solid foundation in mathematics, computer science, probability, statistics  and optimization. They then explore how inferential and computational thinking can be effective in areas as diverse as finance, biology, marketing, engineering, etc. Or they can choose to acquire greater depth in one of the core disciplines.
Every year, our students continue to pursue their passions in a variety of positions in industry and academia.

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Questions regarding the Program can be emailed to the MCS Program Coordinator