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Graduate Programs & Coterms

Graduate Program Information & Support:

Many of those who go on to graduate school choose from a variety of schools, such as California Institute of Technology, Wharton School, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, MIT, Northwestern, universities in the UC system and many graduate degree programs at Stanford.

In addition, students who continue on to graduate school to pursue a range of fields of study, such as bioinformatics, biophysics, communication, economics, engineering, law, medicine, and statistics.

  • School of H&S (Preparing & Timeline, applicable for most grad programs not just H&S)

          - Graduate Student Funding
          - Diversity and Inclusion Brochure - provides an overview of graduate opportunities and diversity resources across the School of Humanities and Sciences.

  • STEM/Engineering:

          - Graduate Pathways to STEM (Select FAQ)
          - Graduate Diversity Recruitment

  • Academic Advising - All programs

          - Other Resources for Graduate and Professional School Planning - (Meet with an Advisor)
          - Financial Support for Graduate School

  • Considerations: Understand if a graduate program requires the GRE and/or the GRE Subject Test

          - Ex. GRE Math Subject Test. IMPORTANT: Unlike the general test, the math subject test is only offered three times each year, Check for testing dates. 

          - It is important to fully understand graduate program requirements, eligibility, and deadlines. All of these can differ between professional, doctoral, masters, and HCP(part-time) programs. Some programs may only accept candidates once a year. 

Stanford Coterms:

          - Academic Advising- Coterminal Degrees at Stanford
          - Stanford Coterminal Master’s Degree Bulletin
          - Co-Term FAQs
          - Academic Advising Coordinator of Coterminal Advising - Make an Appointment

          - Applying to Coterm - Registrar

Questions should be directed to the Coterminal Department of the student’s choice.

          - Application Requirements

Coterminal Study in Engineering - All School of Engineering

If applicable, consider part-time internship (year round) while pursuing coterm. Students may consider participating in full-time research or internships in summer (senior year). ClassX available for academic support for School of Engineering courses.

          - Application Requirements

          - Data Science Track & Mathematical and Computational Finance Track (MCF)


Consider MS programs (Honors Cooperative Program) - SCPD Page, See Stanford's page 

The Honors Cooperative Program (HCP), through the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD), allows professionals to pursue graduate study on a part-time basis. HCP students are fully matriculated graduate students of Stanford University with all privileges, rights and responsibilities. While part of the degrees can be completed online, this depends heavily on your program plan, area of focus, and the course offerings for any given academic quarter. Most students can work full-time while pursuing HCP MS Degree. ClassX available for academic support for School of Engineering courses. 

How to apply?


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