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Career Enhancement & Resources

Here is a list of consolidated resources to help students acquire more knowledge in developing their career. 

Stanford's Career Center: BEAM

Schedule a career coaching appointment online.

Career Development Courses:

- In ExploreCourses type: Career

- A small list of classes to consider:

Job Resources for Students with Disabilities BEAM:

Internships Abroad:

           *GEI Frequently Asked Questions

            *How to Apply for a Seed Internship

Job Resources for International Students:

            *CPT Eligibility
            *OPT Eligibility (ask about STEM extension)

             *Career Coaching Programs



-Outside Listings:

Resources for Entrepreneurs:

- Stanford Entrepreneurship Network

- Mayfield Fellows Program

-The Rockefeller Foundation-Acumen Student Social Innovation Challenge Virtual Challenge 

- Stanford EMBARK
- In ExploreCourses type: Entrepreneur
- A small list of classes to consider:

There are numerous courses through GSB, see if you can enroll in the course.

Free non-credit course as of 9/5/19 - XMS&E100 - Introduction to Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Graduating Students:

          - At this time, only the Data Science and Health program requires PhD, the other 5 programs do not require graduate degree  5/7/19

Other Career Resources:

The Career Coaching Program at BEAM is an amazing resource. If students are still concerned on where their career journey will take them, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

  • Network, network, and network. Students should connect with their faculty, peers, Academic Advising, and BEAM as they are a great resource to bounce ideas with and gain new insight. 
  • Consider informational interviews with people who hold the job title they would like to have, in a company they would like to work for. 
  • Another strategy to better help students understand what works for them is to “try it out.” Internships, job shadowing, part-time positions are a great way to get a feel for what type of work they enjoy, the environment/culture they thrive in, and the type of organization they would like to work for.

Alumni Career Resources:


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