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MCS Peer Advisors: 2023-2024

Our peer advisors are juniors and seniors who are happy to meet with any students who have declared MCS / Data Science or are interested in the major. The peer advisors can answer questions from a student’s perspective, discuss the MCS / Data Science program sheet, help with class selection and sequencing, and talk more about their experiences. 

Peer Advisors are available to work with students during the autumn (weeks 3 - 10), winter (weeks 2 - 10), and spring (weeks 2 - 9) quarters. On Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, they offer in-person office hours in Sequoia Hall, room 227 (also known as "the Nook"). On Fridays, they offer virtual office hours through this Zoom link. Either way, no appointment necessary - just drop in!

View the Spring 2024 Peer Advisors' Office Hours Schedule

Joyce sits at a table in a restaurant, smiling

Joyce Chen

Hi, my name is Joyce! I'm a junior from London, England studying MCS with a minor in Creative Writing. I'm interested in social impact applications of AI/ML and data journalism. During the year, I lead the Stanford Daily's Editorial Board and will soon start research in the Communications dept. building tools for journalists. Over the past two summers, I did research in the Human Computer Interaction group (CURIS) and an internship at a hedge fund. Please come chat with me about anything -- whether that's finding research opportunities, applying for internships and exploring careers, or balancing MCS/Data Science with other classes. Also come to figure out whether the Data Science major/minor is right for you! (Very probably, in my unbiased opinion). In my spare time, I love reading novels and discussing movie theories, so hit me with your best ones.

Sophia stands smiling on a beach at sunset

Sophia Chun (she/her)

Hi friends! I’m Sophia, and I am a Junior from Southern California right by Disneyland! I am majoring in Data Science and Social Systems on the Education pathway with a minor in Education. I am passionate about leveraging data to enhance K-12 education and advance the cause of educational equity. Beyond the classroom, I can often be found upcycling thrift finds or dancing with friends - Last year, I was a Stanford Dollie! Feel free to chat with me about finding internships that merge your interests, getting involved with arts/dance on campus, and exploring everything that the major has to offer!

Andrew stands in front of a body of water

Andrew Hong (he/him)

Hey, I'm a junior from Seattle in the Data Science & Social Systems major doing my own independent pathway! Academically, I love applying data science to politics and learning about social behavior from data. I'm planning to do Stanford in Washington and co-term in MS&E. Outside school, I've done data for campaigns, consulting firms, research labs, data journalism, and independent consulting. Outside work, I like spicy food adventures, Wikipedia rabbit holes, and am trying to become a granola. Come chat with me about mixing STEM with social sciences, coming from a low-resourced high school, class recs, and finding fulfilling careers.

Emir smiles, sitting outside

Emir Kirdan (he/him)

Hello! My name is Emir and I am a senior from Istanbul, Turkey. I am studying Mathematical and Computational Science and Economics. I am interested in integrating quantitative and qualitative approaches to tackle challenges in the financial sector. I spent this past summer working as a sales and trading analyst at Credit Suisse, rotating through equity derivatives, global credit products, algorithmic trading, and forex & rates desks. Last summer, I worked as a data science intern for Oscar Health, contributing to its mission of strengthening equitable access to high-quality and affordable healthcare. Please feel free to hit me up if you want to talk about elective recommendations, academic planning, and the process of finding internships or applying for work authorization as an international student. Outside of Stanford, I like playing squash, developing new strategies to win at backgammon, chatting with friends at Coupa under the blazing sun, and delving into anthropology and Mediterranean archeology books.

Dmitrii smiles while holding an ice cream cone

Dmitrii Skvortsov (he/him)

Hi! I'm a junior, double-majoring in Data Science (BS) and Chemistry. I am interested in using reinforcement learning and stochastic calculus to tackle problems in quantitative trading and derivative pricing. Beyond academics, I'm also enthusiastic about teaching and sharing. This summer I worked as a TA for organic chemistry classes, which ignited my desire to help others learn. If you have any questions about BS Data Science major requirements, or choosing classes in the MATH, CS, and STATS departments, don't hesitate to ask. Additionally, I love exploring new cultures and places, and as an international student from Russia, I'm eager to discuss Russian Literature.

Richa smiles, standing outside in front of the steps of a building

Richa Upadhyay (she/her)

Hi! My name is Richa, and I am a senior from San Diego, CA. I'm double majoring in data science (B.A.) and public policy on the healthcare track and am interested in the application of data science in health tech, electronic health records, and tech policy. I also studied abroad at Oxford, so I would love to answer any questions about double majoring, studying abroad, and planning your schedule so you can do it all! Outside of classes, I enjoy learning new styles of dance, videography, and trying new foods!

Jiro smiles, standing outside in front of a body of water

Matthias Jiro Walther (he/him)

Hi all! My name is Jiro and I am a junior from Menlo Park, CA. I am majoring in Data Science & Social Systems on the Technology & Society pathway with a minor in German Studies. I am interested in researching data privacy and the consequences of technology’s influence on our world. After studying abroad and interning in Berlin, I decided to minor in German Studies to connect with my German heritage, so if you have any questions regarding BOSP, minoring, or internships, please reach out! Also feel free to chat with me about research opportunities, classes, work-life balance, or anything else that is on your mind. Outside of academics, I love winter sports, adventuring with friends, and serving at NOLA in Downtown Palo Alto.