Anti-Labor Trafficking In The Amazon: Some Early Wins From The Stanford Human Trafficking Data Lab with Prof. Mike Baiocchi

Thursday, January 25, 2024 3:00 PM
Hewlett 101

Please join us for our speaker series -- Listen. Engage. Connect. -- Anti-Labor Trafficking In The Amazon: Some Early Wins From The Stanford Human Trafficking Data Lab with Prof. Mike Baiocchi- on Thursday, January 25 from 3pm to 4pm in Hewlett 101. 

Light refreshments will be provided. 


About our guest:  Professor Baiocchi is an interventional statistician (i.e., grounded in both the creation and evaluation of interventions). He thinks a lot about behavioral interventions and how to rigorously evaluate if and how they work. Methodologically, he focuses on creating statistically rigorous methods for causal inference that are easy to critique. He designed  -- and was the principle investigator for -- two large randomized studies of interventions to prevent sexual assault in the settlements of Nairobi, Kenya. He now works a lot on anti-human trafficking with the Brazilian Federal Prosecutors.

Abstract: In close partnership with Brazilian federal prosecutors, our lab developed and deployed a satellite-based detection system to identify high-probability slave labor sites. We will cover the challenges of developing a cheap and high-throughput -- but also reliable -- image detection algorithm for use in a high-stakes, real-world setting. We will discuss our field testing in July of 2023 -- which resulted in successful raids of labor camps -- and the learnings from this field-testing. Finally, we will discuss two follow up projects: (i) running a rigorous evaluation of the algorithm's impact on detection and interdiction of labor-trafficking, and (ii) in partnership with local social workers, developing and implementing a behavioral intervention to improve the support system for survivors.


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