Dr. James Washington: "The Celestial Impact of Omics: A Conceptual Framework for Data Science Focused on Human Intersectionality"

Friday, November 3, 2023 11:00 AM
Li Ka Shing Building
291 Campus Drive
Stanford, CA 94305

Stanford Department of Biomedical Data Science, JEDI Committee Presents Roundtable Event:The Celestial Impact of Omics: A Conceptual Framework for Data Science Focused on Human Intersectionality

Dr. James WashingtonMorehouse School of MedicineNovember 3, 2023

Abstract:The development and application of multi-omics and the broader spectrum of data science must be embedded in the human condition and human intersectionality with science and our real-world environment. Despite the emergence of the social determinants of health andenvironmental exposomes, our application of scientific method and development of algorithmsessentially represents an in vitro approach to achieving translational impact in clinical care andpopulation health. In vitro in this case means disconnected from real-world human experienceand context. Science devoid of an ethical framework is a primary example. Other examples ofscientific breakthroughs that have had minimal impact on public health and health disparitieswill be noted. Finally, we will discuss the re-engineering of our thinking about problem solving with data science to achieve greater positive impact on the human condition.

Bio:Dr. James Washington is the data science ethicist and Project Director for AIM-AHEAD initiative to build AI/ML capacity at minority serving institutions and to develop a pipeline of underrepresented minority scientists in AI/ML and Staff Scientist for Morehouse School of Medicine’s Cardiovascular Research Institute.

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