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Young Alumni Panel

Thursday, October 19, 2023 4:30 PM
Sequoia 200

Please join us as we welcome back MCS Alum on Thursday, October 19! Learn more about their experience at Stanford, their career journey post graduation and what they wished they would have known. 


Caroline Kimmel, Vice President, is a researcher in BlackRock’s Systematic Active Equity group based in San Francisco. She focuses on generating alpha for US public equity markets through applying machine learning techniques to alternative data sets. Some of her current additional focuses include systematic healthcare equity investment and systematic real properties investment. Prior to joining the firm, Ms. Kimmel earned both a MS in Statistics ’20 and BS in MCS ’19 from Stanford University.


Adhitya Venkatesh is a Machine Learning Engineer at CK-12 Foundation. Graduating from Stanford in 2018, he began as a quant in NYC. In 2019, he returned to the Bay Area as a data scientist for startups. At Digit, he crafted a predictive algorithm saving users millions. He also worked with Abacus.AI, streamlining AI processes for major clients. Now at CK-12, he's pioneering a personalized AI Tutor for global K-12 students.


Yue Li graduated in MCS in 2019 and co-termed in ICME. During her time at Stanford, she worked at a variety of different roles, ranging from sociology research to analytics at e-commerce companies. Since graduation, she has worked as a data scientist, initially a civic tech startup providing data analysis for local and state governments and universities. She currently works at SetSail, a B2B SaaS startup delivering products for sales leaders. There, she wears a lot of different hats, leading data infrastructure projects and experimenting with their GenAI product.


Ana-Maria Istrate is a Senior Research Scientist at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative. At CZI, she is part of the Science Initiative, which focuses on building and supporting the science and technology that will make it possible to cure, prevent, or manage all diseases by the end of the century. In her role, she works on building machine learning models with applications to the scientific domain, in particular biomedicine. Her focus areas include Natural Language Processing and Graph-based models. Recently, she worked on NLP models that extract different types of entities from scientific journal articles and cell-type prediction models for scRNA-seq data.


Kevin Fry is currently a 5th year statistics PhD student working on spatial data problems with applications to geothermal energy discovery and techniques using added noise to improve inference. Before the PhD he worked at the BlackRock AI Labs.


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